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Property Management Services Program

Program Benefits Included

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Collection of monthly rent
Monthly notification of rent status via email
Mail disbursement to owner
Electronic Deposit of Rental Income into Owner’s bank account Addtional Fee Included
Monthly statement of account activity
Owner's Manual
Property Condition Survey, w/ photos of interior/exterior prior to move-in
Property Condition Survey, w/ photos of interior/exterior when tenant vacates
CD of video and images of interior/exterior prior to Tenant move-in
Manage all tenant issues if Service/Warranty contract in place
Oversee yard maintenance (if owner maintains)
Sprinkler Check (if owner maintains)
Drive-bys and exterior assessment, Owner report with ext. photo of property
Pay monthly Homeowner Association fees (sufficient owner funds rq’d)
Manage all tenant & standard maintenance issues (repairs billed separately) Handling Fee Included
Annual interior property condition survey Hourly Rate Included
Security deposit claim letter, if required, when Tenant moves out
End-of-year 1099 tax statement
Year-end Operating report summary
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