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Move Out Instructions

  • Delivery of keys and other assigned hardware will be needed no later than your lease expiration date. To avoid incurring more rent, it is necessary to return full possession of the property to Salefish Properties. Once the keys, remotes, etc. are returned to your property manager or the Salefish Properties office, you have officially returned possession of the property and will not be allowed to return.
  • Please call at least one week prior to the date of your move out to schedule your final walk-through if one is desired. Our schedule books up rapidly and it is very important so you are guaranteed your walk-through date.
  • As discussed at your initial lease signing, I highly recommend a preliminary move-out assessment at least 5 days prior to your return of the keys, so you can possibly avoid charges for cleaning and damages by rectifying the issues yourself. Please email if you would like a preliminary assessment. There is no charge for this visit.
  • Assessments will only be scheduled Monday through Friday, between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm.
  • When you vacate the property, it is recommended that all personal possessions be removed from the property; the property should be completely clean and in the same or better condition as when it was handed over to you, normal wear and tear excluded.
  • Please be prepared to supply your new address & telephone numbers in order for us to efficiently communicate regarding the status of your security deposit. We will provide the status of your security deposit in accordance with Florida Statutes and your Security Deposit Agreement.
  • To facilitate a quicker and smoother move-out process, we have enclosed the “Return of Possession and Confirmation of Vacating Premises” which all Lessees must sign. If we do not meet in person for a walk-through, please complete this form and turn it in to our office when you return the keys and other assigned hardware.
  • Please refer to your Tenant Reference Guide for more details.

To prepare the property for your walk-through, please do the following:


Have the property clean throughout the interior and the exterior.

Per Addendum B of your lease, you will be charged a management oversight fee at an hourly rate of $50 for any time spent to rectify dirty areas, in addition to the Vendor’s cleaning charge.

  • This also includes, but is not limited to, floors, windows inside & out, window sills & door casings, sliding glass doors, window treatments, wiping out drawers & shelves, interior and exterior of all appliances, sinks, toilets, bath tubs, showers, vanities, light fixtures, bathroom exhaust fans, ceiling fan blades, removal of any cobwebs inside & out of the property, etc.
  • Please refer to your Tenant Reference Guide for tips on cleaning.
  • Your security deposit will be charged if the property is left dirty.


Have the carpet cleaned just prior to your move-out when all personal belongs are removed.

If damage to carpet exceeds normal wear and tear there will be a security deposit deduction based on the length of time you reside in the home. There is a charge if you do not leave the carpets professionally cleaned and/or the cleaning is unsatisfactory. You will be required to provide a recent receipt as proof that the carpets have been professionally cleaned. Any additional carpet cleaning or replacement charges will be deducted from the security deposit.

Window Treatments

You are expected to clean window treatments to remove dust build-up or other stains or soil.


  • Air conditioning filter
  • Any burnt-out light bulbs
  • Any “beeping” smoke detector batteries
  • If the above items are missing, dirty or not working, there will be an associated deduction from the security deposit.

Pest Control

The home should not have any active infestations – ants, roaches, spiders, etc.

If you have a pet or pets, you must supply adequate insect foggers. The size of the property indicates the quantity of foggers required. Based on the size of your residence, you must supply a minimum of three (3) foggers.

** All foggers must be left unopened and given to the property manager during your walk through or left at the property if you do not arrange for a walk-through. We will place and discharge them after you have left. If you are responsible for interior pest control, make sure there are no ants, roaches, spiders or other insects present.


  • Any exterior areas that apply to your Lease Agreement: the outside area is to be neatly trimmed, pruned, fertilized & watered.
  • All trash, debris, oil and/or grease is to be removed from the yard, driveway and garage/carport area.
  • All animal droppings are to be picked up and removed.


  • If you have trash that exceeds the normal pickup, you are to arrange to have it hauled away at your expense.
  • Place all other trash in the proper trash receptacles and arrange for pick-up on the regularly-scheduled trash day.


  • DO NOT putty, spackle, or touch up paint on any walls yourself – Hire a professional. Many tenants have attempted to repaint themselves and used the wrong finish or colour or have not prepared the surface correctly, in doing so they have had a security deposit deduction.
    • It may be less expensive for you to leave the holes in the wall and have our professional painter take care of them after move-out, but there will be an associated security deposit deduction for any holes/scratches/excessive dirt or foreign material that exceeds normal wear and tear.
    • If you putty/spackle/prep/paint and it is done incorrectly, any necessary charge to correct the walls will be a deduction to the security deposit.
  • Do not use a Magic Eraser on the walls, it changes the finish, is very noticeable and will be a security deposit deduction to paint the wall a consistent finish.
  • Charges for painting depend on whether it exceeds normal wear & tear.
  • If you think there is damage to the wall that exceeds normal wear & tear – please ask our opinion. We can recommend a professional painter also.


  • Inform all utility companies and postal service of your departure date and forwarding address.
  • The electricity and water must be left on until midnight on the last day of your lease or your move-out date, whichever is later. Failure to do so will result in a charge against your security deposit for utility reconnection.

In accordance with your lease, Management may be listing the property and showing the property for rent prior to the time you vacate the premises. Please refer to Section 26 of your lease.

The preliminary move-out assessment may consist of viewing the property and notifying you of any issues we observe at that time and acquiring any assigned hardware (keys, gate transponders etc.). You can also inform us of any known deviations from the Move-in Property Condition Survey, aside from normal wear and tear. We will not be performing the final Move-out Property Condition Survey until you have vacated the property and returned all keys and assigned hardware.

During our final Move-Out Property Condition Survey, should any property damage be identified that occurred during your tenancy; you will be charged for the repair. Per Addendum B of your lease, you will be charged a management oversight fee at an hourly rate of $50 for any time spent to rectify damaged areas, in addition to the Vendor’s invoice.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding these procedures. If you would like a preliminary move-out assessment, please call the office to schedule at least 3 days prior to your desired appointment date and time.

Please remember that our office is closed on the weekends and you will not be able to leave keys and other items at the Gateway office if no one is present, unless you do so at your own risk. If you must leave keys when the Gateway office is closed, please email for further instructions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as you prepare to leave the residence. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding these procedures.

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