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Leasing and Move-In Process

To provide superior, quality service to our clients and residents as well as to constantly strive to educate the real estate community on property management and the integrity and professional standards we maintain.

Communication and Documentation are the keys to successful Property Management!

Once an applicant has been approved to rent a Salefish Properties-managed property, a one-month deposit is due immediately and the lease must be signed within a couple of days. The property will remain Active on the market until one month's rent is paid, this amount will be applied to your required move-in funds. Until a lease is signed, the property will remain on the market in Contingent Status, as long as one month's rent is paid.

Each available property contains a notebook with a sample lease inside. If you did not review the lease at the time you viewed the residence, please call or email our office and we will email you a copy.

All adult tenants will need to sign the lease in person with our broker, Nancy Jackson. At that time, she will review the lease and answer any questions. Please schedule 90 minutes for this meeting. All renewal leases will be signed by all parties through email and our electronic signature process, you will not need to return to our office to sign another lease.

The next step, after Lease signing, is to complete any Community Association application, if the property you chose has a Homeowner's Association or Condominium Owner's Association. Please review the rules and regulations of the community, these can be provided by Salefish Properties as needed. There is a separate application and fee for a Community Association application. Sometimes, the community association process requires an additional 30 days for the approval cycle.

MOVE-IN DAY! It has finally arrived!

Please schedule a mutually convenient time with your property manager for your move-in appointment.

Bring confirmation that all utilities have been transferred into your name.

Bring the balance of all move-in funds to your move-in appointment. The amount must be provided in the form of a cashier's check or money order, no personal checks or cash will be accepted. Make the check or money order payable to Salefish Properties.

At the move-in appointment, you will walk-through the property and review a Property Condition report that has been prepared in advance by your property manager. The property will have been photographed and videoed prior to your arrival.

Please plan on 60 minutes for your move-in day appointment.

You will be given four (4) days after your move-in date to make any modifications or additions to the Property Condition report. If you need to make us aware of anything, please send an email to your property manager, pictures would also be helpful.

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